beatiful day

It`s fun to watch the colors babe, not the colors in the movies, but the blue in the sky, or the sandy quality of the earth, maybe just the skin tone of the Mexicans strolling down the street, trying to look dangerous. They’re probably as scared as me, taking the empty sidewalk while the cars zoom by, fast, fast, so fast that they even think where to go – just drive.

So today I had an actual job interview – me, a Latina, a black guy from Texas and a middle aged woman with strange, luminous ideas. While we where waiting for the presentation on how to get as much money as we can for the Democratic National Committee, she just stopped for a moment, took a good look at our faces, and said:
- You know, we’re just like a rainbow, if we could work together, each of us could approach a different kind of person…

Fifteen minutes later, I got the job and walked home all satisfied with myself. It`s a kind of weird how I can make exactly the impression that I want, but can’t control it. Now I`m all fired up, watching American television (ads about who to vote for attorney general or no on proposition 86 – whatever that means).

Doc, I dream so much now that reality struck me with a 2 by 4. I’m scared because I can’t control them. Do you think that I’m gonna be ok? You know, I can`t sound cool like these other guys. I’m just a normal person, I guess. Can I go now?

Victor Taylor (aka ANL)

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