Death by lack of empathy

I've always been unable to cry, but now the tears flood my shirt. Office workers stare in atonishment at my sickly face. The coworkers don't know what to say, they seem baffled and anoyed at the same time. The tears become stronger, blinding streams of fluid that cause panic among the technocrats. The water flows with more and more vigour, it's staining the carpet, causing short circuits in the company machines. There's a salty river taking over the cubicles. People start to run, the fire department is called. In the end, the water dries, the electronic fires are contained, the workers start to return cautiosly. Hours later, the coroner writes in the report with his gloved, blood-stained hands: Cause of death: "unbearable self-contained pain/natural causes".


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silvia disse...

soundtrack for this post: The man who couldn't cry, by Johnny Cash.