Como a casa caiu

Precisa um pouco de paciência, mas vale a pena ler este artigo da Portfolio:

“As we sat there, we were weirdly calm,” Moses says. “We felt insulated
from the whole market reality. It was an out-of-body experience. We just sat and
watched the people pass and talked about what might happen next. How many of
these people were going to lose their jobs. Who was going to rent these
buildings after all the Wall Street firms collapsed.” Eisman was appalled.
“Look,” he said. “I’m short. I don’t want the country to go into a depression. I
just want it to fucking deleverage.” He had tried a thousand times in a thousand
ways to explain how screwed up the business was, and no one wanted to hear it.
“That Wall Street has gone down because of this is justice,” he says. “They
fucked people. They built a castle to rip people off. Not once in all these
years have I come across a person inside a big Wall Street firm who was having a
crisis of conscience.”

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